Practice Areas


The assistance in Civil Law and Commercial Law offered by the Studio unifies profound knowledge of the law on the basis of competence and experience of the professionals, who are able to subsume the questions presented by the client under the relevant regulations and the actual jurisprudence and to evaluate correctly the result in practice able to be reached.

The principal practice areas of the Studio Bellinzoni are:


The Studio offers consultation and assistance in preparing and composing civil contracts, particularly sale, renting, lease, transference and renting of offices, invitation of tenders, loan, surety, transactions etc.
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Rent Law and Home Ownership Law

Quite a bit of disputes in our country concern questions of home ownership law or questions regarding renting or leasing flats or premises often comprising juridical questions of particular complexity and difficult solutions as non initiated people see. The Studio Bellinzoni is specialized in home ownership law and the law regarding renting and leasing premises, consultation and assistance in juridical cases or cases out of the court is served quickly, from the collecting debts and defaulting householders to solutions of more sophisticated problems regarding property and community of home owners. In the area of renting and leasing flats or premises the Studio assists clients in preparing contracts, in evaluating juridical questions, in carrying through juridical proceedings and also in terminating or giving notice to finish a renting or leasing contract, also in case of dilatoriness.
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Company Law

The Studio Bellinzoni always assists enterprises and joint-stock-companies in the field of industry, trade and services. Particularly the Studio‘s lawyers occupy themselves with preparation and formulation of every type of commercial contact: partnership agreements and statutes of a company (incl. foundation of a company), partner agreements, contracts of delivery and distribution, mergers and acquisitions, agency contracts, order contracts, franchising, etc.
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Insolvency Law and Insolvency Proceedings

One of the Studio Bellinzoni‘s practice areas is consultation and assistance in the field of insolvency law and other proceedings regarding insolvency. Particularly the Studio‘s lawyers occupy themselves with preparation and formulation of insolvency requests, applications for admissions of creditors in case of passive insolvency, preventive settlements and insolvency settlements The Studio assists and represents clients in al phases of the insolvency proceeding, of disputes and out of court cases (deposit of the requests of admission in case of passive insolvency, participation at the hearing in which the credits are ascertained, examination of the reports and projects of payment of the receivers etc. ) as well.
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Separation and divorce

The Studio Bellinzoni provides in cases out of court and in juridical cases assistance in controversies regarding personal separations and divorces. The clients also are supported in the phase of mediation, proposing and supporting the most helpful and useful solutions to resolve situations of marital crisis, and they are represented in separation and divorce proceedings, including conjoint proceedings as well as juridical proceedings.
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Civil Responsibility

The Studio Bellinzoni‘s lawyers always occupy themselves with juridical regarding civil responsibility, providing consultation and assistance in juridical cases or cases out of the court. Besides the subject of civil responsibility because of using a vehicle or a vessel, the Studio has acquired a long experience in the subject of professional responsibility, particularly in professional responsibility of medical practitioners. The Studio is able to verify the nature and the type of material and immaterial damages the victim incurred (material damage, biological damage, moral damage, existential damage), also by consulting experts in the field of court doctors, and to quantify the exact amount of the damage to apply for the most obvious compensation.
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Collecting Debts

The Studio Bellinzoni works in the area of collecting every kind of debts using juridical instruments as well as instruments to be used out of the court as they are suitable for the special case (payments agreement, orders to pay, seizures of mobiles, of real estate or at a third party, seizures in order to take possession etc.). The activity of collecting debts always correlates strictly with a preventive and profound analysis of the debtor‘s financial capacity (also using data banks and firms of private investigators) to avoid waste of time and useless costs.
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